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Ocak Authentic Turkish-Anatolian Cuisine


Turkish Food

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food"

Located at the Old City of Istanbul, OCAK serves authentic Turkish-Anatolian cuisine.

Renowned Chef Omer Bozyap has joined Regie Ottoman İstanbul Hotel’s management team and has brought together eversought Anatolian meals.

Prepared with the respect that it deserves, menu comprises the most anticipated dishes which every Turk wants to see on their dining table. If you want to experience intense Turkish-Anatolian taste on your palate, OCAK is the establishment. Almost all of the selection needs extensive time to be prepared and more than one type of thermo-chemical change is necessary in order to reach the desired sophisticity before they are served to your liking.

“OCAK” literally means where the food is being cooked, have the Turkish food that everyone desire!

Regie Ottoman


Istanbul; the favorite city of the 21st century where you can go from Europe to Asia whenever you want, find the traces of Ottoman and Byzantine history any time you wish; a city that brings the past into present.

Our top boutique hotel is ideally located in Sirkeci, a quarter in the Eminönü neighborhood of the Fatih district of the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The neighborhood borders to the North the mouth of the Golden Horn, to the East the Topkapi Palace area and to the South the Cağaloğlu neighborhood. Sirkeci hosts Sirkeci Station. Sirkeci consists mostly of commercial and tourist oriented uses. A combination of small shops, hans (larger workshops), offices, boutique hotels, traditional Turkish restaurants, Turkish and bookstores.

During your visit to Istanbul and stay at Regie Ottoman Hotel, you will be able to reach the historical texture more easily and comfortably by staying at the Historical Peninsula and get the chance to feel the spirit by living in history.

Ocak Authentic Turkish-Anatolian Cuisine

Indoor dining area

ENJOYABLE & comfortable

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You Are the Host In Ocak, Not the Customer!

Essential flavors of Anatolia offer you home comfort in the charming atmosphere of Ocak. Freshly picked fruits and vegetables are brought to your table with the excellent touches of chef Ömer.

We are always ready to be your preference for birthdays, business meetings, special occasions or a pleasant dinner. Time passes deliciously in Ocak!

You can taste the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine from our menu with the style of Ocak. We would also like to point out that we have vegan food options.


A Magical Location: Historical Peninsula of Istanbul

Located in the historical building of Regie Ottoman Hotel, one of the most beautiful aspects of Ocak is undoubtedly its location. Ocak is located in the Historical Peninsula, where Istanbul was first established and developed, and it will impress with its location as well as its flavor. In the Historical Peninsula, the primary choice of those who want to experience a beautiful and pleasant day in Istanbul, while you are spending your day touring historical places such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum and Spice Bazaar, you can stop by Ocak and end your day with a delicious dinner with the Turkish-Anatolian Cuisine. While you are fascinated by the modern design of Ocak and the harmony of the historical texture of the Peninsula, meeting chef Ömer Bozyap's menu will be one of the best advantages of your Istanbul trip.

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Our most valuable asset


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Ocak Authentic Turkish-Anatolian Cuisine

Ömer Bozyap

Executive Chef

What do people in Turkey eat, which hosts a culinary culture formed from the past to the present, or what do they want to see on their table when they go home in the evening? At this point, we aim to present the answers to such questions, namely the real Turkish-Anatolian cuisine to our guests. We invite you to our restaurant in order to live a new gastronomic experience by tasting the delicacies of the real local cuisine in Ocak.


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