Anatolian Cuisine: OCAK

Ocak, which is set out to answer the question of “What do Turkish people eat?”, brings its guests together with the flavors of Authentic Turkish – Anatolian Cuisine. The dishes cooked in the kitchen of all of us at home create the menu of Ocak. It shows how diverse Turkish cuisine is and does not consist of a few dishes, providing its guests with a different and delicious experience. Located inside Regie Ottoman Hotel, Ocak is also very central as a location

At the same time, the dim and calm atmosphere combined with the design of the place captures a very pleasant appearance. The content of the menu, where you will find the most delicious versions of Turkish cuisine, is quite rich and remarkable. As a nation that does not start eating a meal without a soup, Ezogelin and Tarhana Soup, bearing the traces of Anatolia, which we can never get enough of, are at the starters of the menu.


The soups at the starters are accompanied by olive oils and cold appetizers, the flavor of which we can also never get enough of. If we talk about the most crucial point of a meal, namely the main dishes, we can start with the Mantı, which is an essential and indispensable flavor on Turkish tables. There is no doubt that it will leave an indescribable flavor to those who eat it with its incredible sauce. It is possible to see the flavor that we always want when we open the fridge, namely Stuffed Chard, when we open the menu of Ocak. You will definitely love the delicious lamb and pea meal cooked in gravy. Stuffed eggplant, one of the first dishes that comes to mind when Turkish cuisine is mentioned, is cooked and served by adding ground meat with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and parsley into lightly fried eggplants adding tomato slices and green pepper on top. Roasting with slowly roasted and softened beef will leave an indescribable flavor for you. Sultan’s Delight, one of the important dishes of Turkish cuisine, will be appreciated by everyone who eats it with long-cooked lamb accompanied by smoked eggplant. The end of the main dish is accompanied by Lamb’s Shank, which is served with root vegetables and will enchant you with its flavor.


We have a phrase; “Let’s have a dessert for a sweet talk”. Quince Dessert is on the dessert menu, which will end our meal in the most sweet and delicious way, and it will definitely make a name for itself with the buffalo cream served with it. Baked Rice Pudding, having a different presentation with pomegranate sour on it, is another shining star of the dessert menu.

There is also a very wide and alternative beverage menu for Ocak. You can put Ocak at the top of your list for any special occasion with your loved ones, or when you just want to have a delicious meal. So, the right and true flavor of Turkish cuisine is waiting for you in Ocak, Regie Ottoman Hotel building!